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The installation of the Uvinneco system lasts approximately 5 minutes. All you have to do is to
remove the previous aerator from your tap and screw on the Uvinneco system. As simple as that!


No tools


Classic water 


- Contains chlorine

- Forms bacteria

- Bad smell and taste

- Polluted water




+ Decrease chlorine

+ Destroys up to 99% of bacteria

+ Creates structural water

+ Improves smell and taste


No more limescale

Say goodbye to your cleaning routine. Forget about limescale on your kitchen sink or water tap. No more calcite in your kettle. Uvinneco changes limescale to aragonit. Aragonit is a soft white powder harmless to the human body. You can clean it easily using a kitchen cloth.


Save water

UVINNECO is an environmentally-friendly product that purifies water. You can stop buying bottled water. Let’s think about the environment!

No filters necessary


Enjoy your everyday life without having to buy new water filters or cartridges. Save money and concentrate on what really matters.





Original price
117 €


up to
of bacteria

or filters


electric cables



Saves 50%
of water

It is necessary for the device to function effectively :

UVINNECO purifies water with a built-in LED-code chip emitting UVC (270-280 nm) and UVA (395-405) wavelengths, which is RoHS certified. Up to 99% of all bacteria is destroyed in this wavelength area. The minimum water pressure required for correct functioning is 1 bar, with water turbidity below 1 NTU. This user-friendly technology contains no chemical additives and produces no side effects. Water flow: 3 - 4 l/min

2 year

Sterilization of water with UVC and UVA rays

Water sterilization through UVC and UVA rays (UVC: 270-280nm, UVA: 395-405nm) helps disinfect tap water. The effectiveness against all viruses, bacteria and parasites is up to 99.99%.


Don’t pollute your environment with plastic products.

Don’t pollute your environment with plastic products.

Drink purified tap water.

Nearly 400 million tonnes of plastic waste* is annually produced all over the world. The bulk of this waste is represented by plastic bottles and single-use plastic cups. By using UVINNECO, you will help protect your environment from plastic waste while also saving time and money related to the recycling of PET bottles.



Clean water is the essence of beauty and health.

Life on Earth would not be possible without water. According to all sources, the human body mainly consists of water (approximately 70% of a person’s total weight). Clean water is the essence of health and the basis for a well-hydrated scalp and body. In addition to having a beneficial effect on internal hydration, UVINNECO also helps alleviate skin issues such as psoriasis, dry and irritated skin, and eczema. Significantly reduces the quantity of chlorine in water (for up to 60%).

Clean water technology

Rotary joint (360°)

Micro turbine

UVC/UVA Water sterilization

Kinetic Reactor

A revolution in water purification is coming

Uvinneco is a revolutionary product designed for water purification that combines 2 technologies - water sterilization through UVC and UVA rays and water purification using the Kinetic Reactor.

The product is equipped with a rotary joint. You can easily direct the flow of water in the desired direction. Installation is very simple. Just remove the old tap end and install UVINNECO instead.

Suitable for small

M22/M24 taps

Suitable for high

M22/M24 taps


rotary joint

Adjustable tilt (up to 25°)

Water purification using physical forces and natural processes

The second water purification stage uses hydrodynamic cavitation, oxidation, and degassing. Thanks to a specially designed part called the kinetic reactor, Uvinneco is able to deform the bodies of bacterial cells. This significantly increases the efficiency of chlorine, thus simplifying its penetration
into the body of the bacterial cell. At the same time, it also reduces the quantity of chlorine in water
for up to 60%. The kinetic reactor transforms limescale into a powder form called aragonite which
poses no risk to human health. It removes heavy metals from water using powerful oxidation. The kinetic reactor regulates the flow of water with a constant throughput of 5 l/min, thus saving up to 50% of water costs.



Saves 50%
of water


Carefree water purification technology


Rotary joint (360°)

Micro turbine

UVC/UVA Water sterilization


  • Can Uvinneco be mounted on any faucet?
    The Uvinneco product can be installed on almost any faucet. The Uvinneco product can be installed on 96% of all faucets currently on the market. Adapters for dimensions M22, M20, M18 (internal thread) and M24, M20 M18 (external thread) are included with the product. VIDEO Installation of Uvinneco :
  • How many liters of water can Uvinneco clean?
    Uvinneca consists of two technologies, from which UVC sterilization cleans approximately 90,000 liters of water. A kinetic reactor can handle at least 45,000 liters of water.
  • Will Uvinneco kill all bacteria and viruses in water?
    No product can guarantee 100% destruction of viruses and bacteria. UVINNECO significantly reduces the risk of contamination of drinking water. If all the conditions for proper operation are met, Uvinneco can remove up to 99% of bacteria present in water.
  • Do I need a battery or a charger to provide an electric energy to the product?
    Uvinneco has a built-in microturbine, which drives the water flow itself and produces electricity for the needs of the UVC / UVA diode. It does not require a battery or power supply.
  • How much chlorine does your product remove from the water?
    The Uvinneco product removes up to 80% of chlorine from water and at the same time increases its efficiency.
  • Does the product also have filter inserts that need to be regularly replaced?
    The product does not require water filters or cartridges. However, we recommend replacing the kinetic cartridge once a year.
  • What is the lifetime of a Uvinneco product and what are the maintenance costs?
    The lifespan of Uvinnec is 2 years, and we recommend replacing the Kinetic insert after one year. The price of the Kinetic insert is 28 euros.
  • Can the product be installed on faucets with a circulation water heater that is located in the kitchen under the sink?
    In the case of a pressure water heater, the installation is suitable. If it is a low-pressure water heater, then it is not suitable to install our product on the faucet. I am sending you a picture in the attachment so that you can better imagine it.
  • Does Uvinneco remove heavy metals from water?
    The Uvinneco product reduces and neutralizes heavy metals in water from 40% to 80%, depending on the type of metal.
  • Does Uvinneco remove fluoride from water?
    First of all, fluorine is much more reactive than chlorine. Fluorine requires more ionization energy than chlorine. It is difficult to degas it from water. Even an activated carbon filter does not remove it from the water. The Uvinneco product reduces the content of fluorine by up to 18% and chlorine by up to 80%.


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