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Suitable for almost
all types of water taps

M 24, 20, 18 Male

M 22, 20, 18 Female

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water disinfection

Kills up to
of bacteria



Quick and easy installation

Destroys nearly all bacteria and viruses


Unscrew the existing aerator on the pipe and screw UVINNECO instead. Along with the product, you will also receive adapters for installation on various tap models M20, M22, M18 internal thread and M24, M20, M18 external thread. UVINNECO can be installed on 97% of all tap models.

UVINNECO purifies water with a built-in LED-code chip emitting UVC (270-280 nm) and UVA (395-405) wavelengths, which is RoHS certified. Up to 99% of all bacteria is destroyed in this wavelength area. The minimum water pressure required for correct functioning is 1 bar, with water turbidity below 1 NTU. This user-friendly technology contains no chemical additives and produces no side effects.

UVINNECO has a built-in flexible element enabling you to change the direction of the water jet.



No batteries


No need
to change

water filters

Better taste
and smell

from water

Reduced limescale build-up

2 technologies in one product

For a better taste and odour of your water

With its advanced technology, UVINNECO changes the crystal form of elimination of limescale, turning it into aragonite. Aragonite is not detrimental to your health and does not stick to the surfaces of your kitchen sink, washbasin, glasses etc.

UVINNECO consists of two technologies.

1. Its built-in micro generator powered by the water jet itself means that you need no batteries or electricity for using the product.

2. The kinetic reactor technology allows for an efficient removal of gasses and chlorine from the water, thus enabling the eliminated limescale to be transformed into aragonite. You will immediately feel the effects of the improved taste and odour of the water.

3. The UVC and UVA technology enable water disinfection.

UVINNECO uses the patented Kinetic Reactor technology which removes gas and chlorine from your water. You will immediately feel the effects of the improved taste and odour of the water. The water in your glass will be clear and pleasant to drink. Pure hexagonal water is the basis of good health.

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